Linear Interpolation

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linear interpolation

[′lin·ē·ər in‚tər·pə′lā·shən]
A process to find a value of a function between two known values under the assumption that the three plotted points lie on a straight line.

Linear Interpolation


a method of approximating the roots of a transcendental or algebraic equation f(x) = 0.

The essence of the method of linear interpolation consists in the following. Starting with two values x0 and x1 that are close to the root α and at which the values of the function f(x) have opposite signs, we take as the next approximate value x2 of the root α the point of intersection of the line passing through the points (x0, f(x0)) and (x1, f(x1)) and the x-axis (see Figure 1).

Figure 1

Repeating this procedure on a smaller interval [x0, x2], we find the next approximations x3, and so on. The approximation xn is given by the formula

Other names for the linear interpolation method are the method of chords, the method of secants, and the rule of false position (regula falsi), the last being obsolete.


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In accordance with the foregoing analysis, for six different liquid volumetric flow rates, the piecewise linear interpolation model of the predicting error is established with respect to the gas liquid ratio.
In contrast, filtering after interpolation greatly alters the data relative to baseline: differences of 14 to 31 percent, with the exception of mean pressure in linear interpolation (average difference near 0%) (Table 3).
However, when the value of k is greater than 9, cubic spline interpolation has a greater error than linear interpolation and quadratic interpolation.
The proposed formula generates a curve for each municipality that is anchored on the data points of the two census years, and that deviates from the linear interpolation according to the shape of the state-level variation.
The 3-D linear interpolation (12)-(14) can been used to evaluate the equivalent circuit parameters and, subsequently, the S matrix (1)-(11) for points ([bar.
A typical example of the filter is the linear interpolation filter given by
Note that we do not have an additional order of convergence for the linear interpolation as in the ellipsoidal case.
The main idea of this approach is to derive several piecewise linear models for some intervals of rotational rate by using a linear interpolation process.
The space domain is divided into 4824 eight node element with biquadratic interpolation for displacement and linear interpolation for the pressure field.
It can therefore be well approximated by the linear interpolation of quite few samples.
For instance, the FFD has significant numerical diffusion due to the linear interpolation used in the semi-Lagrangian solver for the advection equation.
The software enables numeric interpolation with the following methods: kriging, radial basis function multiquadric, triangulation with linear interpolation, natural neighbor, minimum curvature, nearest neighbor, inverse distance to a power, local polynomial, modified Shepards method.

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