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linear accelerator:

see particle acceleratorparticle accelerator,
apparatus used in nuclear physics to produce beams of energetic charged particles and to direct them against various targets. Such machines, popularly called atom smashers, are needed to observe objects as small as the atomic nucleus in studies of its
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linear accelerator

[′lin·ē·ər ik′sel·ə‚rād·ər]
A particle accelerator which accelerates electrons, protons, or heavy ions in a straight line by the action of alternating voltages. Also known as linac.
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The National Oncology Center on November 6, 2018 announced tender for purchase of linear accelerators. 352, 26,000 som were offered for these purposes.
The installation of two linear accelerators of identical configuration offers an important advantage in that treatment can continue uninterrupted in case of machine breakdown, since patients can be moved seamlessly from one machine to the other.
Also, seven of the eight linear accelerators were booked during the fourth quarter of Elekta's fiscal year 2015 to 2016.
A linear accelerator (LINAC) is the device most commonly used for external beam radiation treatments for patients with cancer.
A 2014 report by the Auditor-general found that there is need for more linear accelerators, Andreou said, and suggested that if the government cannot afford to establish them then it could have them built on a public-private partnership (PPP).
Haslett, MI, November 20, 2013 --( RadParts, a leading supplier of linear accelerator parts, announces that it has started construction with its sister company, Acceletronics, on a new linear accelerator refurbishment and testing facility.
Varian software is being used by Ohio State University clinicians to plan and manage radiotherapy treatments delivered on a Siemens medical linear accelerator
RF Linear Accelerators for Medical and Industrial Applications offers engineers and technical collections catering to them a fine overview of medical and industrial accelerators, and uses only a small amount of technical math in the process of explaining their basic operations.
A C-shaped gantry contains the linear accelerator and rotates around the patient to deliver the beams from different angles.
The new linear accelerator at Velindre Cancer Centre in Cardiff is capable of delivering intensity modulated radiotherapy and image-guided radiotherapy.
Acibadem Healthcare Group established its first radiotherapy center in Turkey in 2005, siting two Varian Clinac linear accelerators in Istanbul Kozyatagi Hospital.- TradeArabia News Service
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