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(control systems)
The modification of a system so that its outputs are approximately linear functions of its inputs, in order to facilitate analysis of the system.
The mathematical approximation of a nonlinear system, whose departures from linearity are small, by a linear system corresponding to small changes in the variables about their average values.
(cell and molecular biology)
Conversion of a circular deoxyribonucleic acid molecule into a linear molecule.



a method of approximate representation of closed nonlinear systems in which the study of a nonlinear system is replaced by analysis of a linear system that is equivalent in some sense to the original system. Linearization methods are limited—that is, the equivalence of the original, nonlinear system and its linear approximation is valid only for a certain “mode” of system operation. If the system moves from one operational mode to another, the linearized model must be changed correspondingly. Methods of linearization may be used to ascertain many qualitative and, in particular, quantitative properties of a nonlinear system.


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Feedback linearization is the technique to transform nonlinear systems into linear ones, so that linear control techniques can be applied.
The integrated linearization algorithm is developed based on the previous modeling and simulation results for primary pump speed control.
Decoupling and linearization algorithm and GMC needs some further model refinement but also give acceptable results.
The above mentioned individual linearization equations were used for each sensor.
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This way of linearization was successful only with the order of linear system n = 1, see Fig.
For instance, designers can maximize SNR to enhance linearization effectiveness in DPD solutions, while SFDR can be increased and input drive reduced to improve small-signal analysis in defense and radio receiver applications.
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Isobar super-thermal conductors are based on heat pipe technology and have been in use in heat transfer and thermal linearization applications in production environments for over 20 years, according to the literature.