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(naval architecture)
The outline of a ship, either as projected onto one of three perpendicular planes or as viewed visually. Also known as ship's lines.





the contours of the outer surface of a vessel’s hull. They are depicted graphically by the lines drawing plan of the vessel. The shape of the lines affects the water resistance to the vessel’s motion, the operating conditions of the engines, the vessel’s ability to mount waves, its icebreaking performance and seaworthiness, and other service characteristics. The lines of water-displacing vessels show the shape of the bow and stern frames (U-shaped and V-shaped), and the sharpness of the lines indicates the block coefficient (the ratio of the submerged volume of the vessel’s hull to the volume of a parallelepiped having the same overall dimensions). The optimum lines are determined by model tests of a vessel in an experimental pool. Slow-speed vessels and those that are not self-propelled can have bluff lines (simplified lines formed by flat surfaces).

References in classic literature ?
I believe this to be a hit at the writer's own countrymen who were of Phocaean descent, and the next following line to be a rejoinder to complaints made against her in bk.
Later on I found in the hymn to the Pythian Apollo (which abounds with tags taken from the "Odyssey") a line ending
In line 164 we do indeed find Echeneus proposing that a drink-offering should be made to Jove, but Mercury is evidently, according to our authoress, the god who was most likely to be of use to them.
The authoress is here adopting an Iliadic line (xix.
Here, as so often elsewhere in the "Odyssey," the appropriation of an Iliadic line which is not quite appropriate puzzles the reader.
The speck of a boat grew larger and larger, till we could see Big Alec and his partner, with a turn of the sturgeon line around a cleat, resting from their labor to laugh at us.
He hauled in forty or fifty feet with a young sturgeon still fast in a tangle of barbless hooks, slashed that much of the line free with his knife, and tossed it into the cockpit beside the prisoners.
SOCRATES: Such a space, then, will be made out of a line greater than this one, and less than that one?
And now tell me, is not this a line of two feet and that of four?
SOCRATES: Then the line which forms the side of eight feet ought to be more than this line of two feet, and less than the other of four feet?
SOCRATES: Then if we add a half to this line of two, that will be the line of three.
SOCRATES: Then the figure of eight is not made out of a line of three?