Lineva, Evgeniia Eduardovna

Lineva, Evgeniia Eduardovna


(née Paprits). Born Dec. 28, 1853 (Jan. 9, 1854), in Brest-Litovsk, now Brest; died Jan. 24, 1919, in Moscow. Russian folklorist; singer (contralto); choirmaster.

Lineva studied singing in Vienna under M. Marchesi. She performed abroad and at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. In 1870 she became involved in the revolutionary movement and corresponded with F. Engels. As an émigré abroad (until 1896), Lineva promoted Russian folk and classical music and organized choral groups. During 1897–1914 she undertook several folklore expeditions to the Volga Region, districts in Central Russia, the Ukraine, and the Caucasus. She introduced the practice of recording (for phonograph) Russian and Ukrainian songs and was a pioneer in transcribing them.


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