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(Ngala), a language spoken in the Republic of Zaire along the northern and southern banks of the Congo (Zaire) River. Lingala belongs to the central group of the Congo zone of the Bantu language family. Approximately 1 million people speak Lingala (1967, estimate). Lingala has several dialects, the chief of which is Mabale.

The sound system of Lingala is similar to that of all Bantu languages. Two distinctive tones—one high and one low—have been recorded. The distinguishing feature of Lingala grammatical structure is its system of concordances (16 classes). Locative classes are lacking; their grammatical functions are fulfilled by prepositions. Monosyllabic prefixes serve as class markers. Unlike other Bantu languages in the Congo zone, the system of class concordance in Lingala often breaks down on the syntactic level. The vocabulary contains a large number of borrowings from Swahili, Congo, and French.


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I now dance to Rumba Lingala because Christianity was never meant to replace harmless cultural practices with a vacuum.
Essentially a guitar band, they specialised in the universally popular Zairean rumba sound with vocals in Lingala (the lingua franca of Zaire) with a smattering of Swahili (the lingua franca of East Africa).
Drawn to the widespread influence of prep style, senior apparel design major Anu Lingala has extensively researched since her freshman year the origins and exclusivity of prep culture.
Summary: In less than 24 hours over the course of two-and-a-half months, freelance journalist Joshua Foer used an online resource to learn Lingala.
In addition to English, I speak Swahili and Lingala.
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Shabahat Bokhari, partner manager, Cisco-Qatar was also present on the occasion, along with Dileep Kumar, assistant general manager; Aditya Yadav, manager, Presales & Business Development; Srikanth Lingala, manager, networking solutions from CGC.
President Nguesso declared his candidature in three languages: "A/a ko Ndima zala candidate" he told the cheering crowd in Lingala, "Mu me Ndima ku vanda candidate" (in Kikongo) and finally in French.
Congolese drummers pounded out a beat while ceramic-making from Iraq, the culture of Zimbabwe and learning Swahili and Lingala were among the other opportunities available.
But interpreters were also employed to decipher more unusual tongues including Farsi, Pushto, Twi, Lingala, Shona - and even Gaelic and Welsh.
Dobet's subsequent arts education is conveyed in the subtle and sometimes overt layers of African rhythms interwoven throughout her music and in her ability to sing in the indigenous Ivorian languages of Dida and Malinke, Senegal's Wolof, Benin's Fon, Congo's Lingala and South Africa's Xhosa, as well as French.
Vocals come in languages including French, Sango, Lingala and Wolof.