see CirebonCirebon
, formerly Tjirebon,
port city (1990 pop. 254,477), district (1990 pop. 1,649,428), and seaport, N Java, Indonesia, on the Java Sea. Crops grown in the fertile coastal plain include sugar and rice.
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, Indonesia.
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Their stand was copied by the PKI in Indonesia, which followed a moderate course, cooperated in bourgeois-dominated governments, and supported the Linggajati Agreement, that contravened the ideals of the proclamation of independence of 17 August 1945.
Among his topics are the evolution of strategic debates, establishing a new agenda, Indonesian nationalism, Dutch inflexibility and Australian neutrality, Australia advocates, and toward Linggajati and the United Nations.
Alimin was also to prove useful when negotiations with the Dutch resulted in the Linggajati Agreement of November 1946.
Sjahrir made concessions to the Dutch in the protracted negotiations in Jakarta that followed the Linggajati Agreement, but was disavowed by his ministers and the Sajap Kiri (a conglomeration of communist-minded groups formed in December 1946) in Yogyakarta.
To the contrary, they had signed the Linggajati Agreement, and responsibility for accepting the Renville Agreement rested with them.
In separate chapters he introduces the general developments in the Republik and the interplay between diplomatic and military actions of the parties involved, with an emphasis on the Linggajati Agreement and the two Dutch military actions.