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Thus, the first step in identifying QTL is to develop a genetic linkage map on which the relative chromosomal locations of different types of genetic markers are determined (Ferguson & Danzman 1998).
Molecular markers associated with major QTLs conferring resistance to Ascochyta Blight have been located on linkage maps, and these markers can be used for efficient pyramiding of the traits of interest.
Molecular linkage map of allotetraploid cotton (Gossypium hirsutum X Gossypium barbadense L.
In summary, we identified seven QTLs in common carp linkage map, which explained variances of LDH activity.
Linkage map with SSR marker and QTL was drawn by the MAPCHART Version 2.
AFLP markers in a molecular linkage map of maize: codominant scoring and linkage group distribution.
The linkage map was created using the segregating loci detected by SSR and RFLP markers.
A great deal of effort has resulted in the creation of a whole genome human linkage map, consisting of 5,624 microsatellite markers located to 2,335 positions (11).