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Short residual fibers that adhere to ginned cottonseed; used for making fabrics that do not require long fibers, as plastic fillers, and in the manufacture of cellulosic plastics.



the short fibers left on cottonseed after the long fibers are removed. Any quantity of cottonseed consists of 4 to 8 percent linters. After ginning, the linters are removed from the seed in two or three steps to increase the volume and to divide them into grades. The short fibers are used in the production of batting, artificial fibers, films, varnish, and explosives.


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This type of cottonseed lacks linter fibers and cannot be fed to dairy cows without special processing.
Cottonseed short linter residue (CLR) is a material that consists of cotton short linters arising from a fine cottonseed hull delinting process, together with kernels culled before cottonseed oil extraction.
Therefore, this study was undertaken with the objective of evaluating the waste stream collected from the lint extractor during cotton ginning, which contains primarily cotton burr, sticks, and small amounts of linters, as an alternative source of fiber reinforcement in LCPC.
The challenge for Sellars, which has been in business for 24 years, was that no machinery existed that could transform the raw linters into a sorbent-friendly material.
The material is moldable, which means numerous items can be quickly produced, including helmets for firefighters and linters for pick-up truck beds.
Making your first sheet is easier if you combine recycled papers with sheets of cotton linters which can be bought at craft stores.
The bleached pulp production plant from cotton linters, designed by SPE with its own technology, amounts to 35% of a larger project that will produce 45,000 metric tons/year of paper.
The company's products include leaf and recycling bags, industrial linters, hot and cold cups, cutlery, salad containers, plates, straws, lids and boxes.
Workers first removed the linters that clung to the seed.
Contract notice: Supply of pure combed cotton fibers and cotton linters.
Based on a natural polymer, the company's cellulose derivatives are sourced from wood pulp or cotton linters.