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It's self-directed learning, supported by volunteers from North East Linux User Group and Durham Community Support Centre.
Damien Ainsworth (centre), Sam Blagborough and Peter Longley (right) have set up the Golcar Linux User Group and plan to teach people basic computer skills on the free Linux computer operating system.
John Sechrest will discuss the "The Drupal Content Management System" at the Eugene Linux User Group meeting at 1 p.
A team of 6 Linux User Group members, made up of developers, testers and editors from the UK development community, headed up by Richard Morrell, a technical consultant at VA Linux Systems UK, and picked by Lawrence Manning, a Linux developer, designed and built Smooth Wall in 2 months.
Tyde, an engineer and the founder of the Bay Area Linux User Group (BALUG), evidently bears no grudge at having been replaced by career manager Sarrat.
As an open-source advocate, he has lectured on OSS network management and Internet services, and served as president of the Tacoma Linux User Group.
Larry Price will discuss the mechanics of building high-availability dynamic Web sites at the Eugene Linux User Group meeting at 1 p.
Mike Cherba will discuss the challenges and rewards of embedded Linux at the Eugene Linux User Group meeting at 1 p.
He then founded and helped build Philadelphia's premiere Linux user group, the Philadelphia area Linux User Group (PLUG), where he continues to facilitate its first Wednesday meetings.
Provo Linux User Group (LUG) members, BYU LUG members, Provo UNIX User Group (UUG) members, BYU UUG members, BYU DevHood (a group of .
Taking this great opportunity, we hope we can contribute even more to the activity of Li18nux in order to enhance its technology by expanding our activity as Japan PPC Linux user group.

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