Linux distribution

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Linux distribution

A version of the Linux operating system and related components. A Linux distribution includes the Linux kernel, software modules from the GNU Project, an installation program, window manager (user interface), utilities, applications and documentation. Some distributions contain a thousand or more files. See GNU/Linux.

Linux distributors may offer both free and paid versions, whereby the free version comprises an older kernel, fewer utilities and support only via online documentation and forums. For example, Red Hat's Fedora is free but without support (see Fedora). Paid versions include the latest modifications and software with a full tech support program.

Why Is It Called a Distribution?
A Linux distribution, and there are hundreds of them, is not like the next version of Windows and macOS. Each Linux "distro" is a current version that has components that may differ slightly or greatly from another Linux distribution. For the most popular ranked by hits per day, visit See Linux, GNU, GNU/Linux, arch, embedded Linux and open source.
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All Linux distributions are relatively inexpensive.
This design flexibility enables repackaging by the open source community for use in other Linux distributions. DisplayLink provides an article explaining how this can be done on their website.
As a fork of Mandriva, a long-standing distribution with a huge community of users, every feature expected of a Linux distribution is available.
The terminal contains an optimized Red Hat Linux distribution. Using the "Server Centric Computing" approach to enterprise information access, the NTAVO Terminal minimizes the cost of support by centralizing management.
The two companies will, according to reports, establish an HP-Red Flag Linux laboratory at HP's existing facilities in Beijing and a Linux distribution center will be created by both companies, providing services for local Linux users and distributors.
By extending its storage system with an open driver API and shipping drivers for several standard storage technologies, including device mapper and btrfs, Docker now runs on any Linux distribution, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, Suse and Gentoo.
Red Hat Fedora 3 Unleashed includes new and additional materials based on the latest release of Red Hat's Fedora Core Linux distribution. Incorporating an advanced approach, the information presented aims to provide you with the best and latest information about installation, configuration, system administration, server operations and security.
Each Ampro ReadySystem includes a ReadyBoard single board computer, desktop or wall-mount enclosure, power supply, RAM and 40GB hard disk drive with a complete Linux distribution pre-installed.
Developed as a part of its ongoing partnership with TimeSys[TM] Corporation, the Linux SDK is a certified Linux development environment including a full Linux distribution, TimeStorm IDE, certified GNU toolchains, support for Symmetrical Multi-Processing (SMP), kernel enhancements and performance modules that are said to provide true real-time capabilities with a standard single-kernel Linux.
Linux cluster vendor and Apple Computer Inc reseller Terra Soft Solutions Inc has landed a major high-performance computing cluster deal with the US Navy for Apple Xserve servers running its Yellow Dog Linux distribution. The deal is described as the largest Apple Xserve sale to date.

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