Lipetsk Tractor Plant

Lipetsk Tractor Plant


(full name, Twenty-third Congress of the CPSU Lipetsk Tractor Plant; LTZ), an establishment of the tractor manufacturing industry of the USSR in the city of Lipetsk. The plant produces T-40 wheel-type tractor-cultivators and modifications of the T-40 (T-40A and T-40AN), tractors for industrial uses, and spare parts for tractors, as well as consumer goods.

Construction of the plant started in 1943, based on a small factory that existed before the war. On June 1, 1944, the first experimental tractor was assembled. This tractor was named Kirovets-35 (K-35), after the Kirov Works at Leningrad, because before the war this works was developing a tractor of this class. Subsequently production of additional tractor types was started, such as KD-35 diesel tractors of the NATI and LTZ designs, KPD-35 crawler-type tractor-cultivators, and T-40 universal wheel-type tractors with type VTZ air-cooled engines.

The plant is equipped with the latest manufacturing facilities. Punch-press, forging, and mechanical-assembly shops have been constructed. Production lines and semiautomatic and automatic assembly lines are in operation. The plant completed the eighth five-year plan (1966–70) by producing its 500,000th tractor. Tests made in 1970 showed the T-40 wheel-type tractor to be one of the most reliable tractors produced in countries that are members of the council for Mutual Economic Assistance.

Between 1966 and 1970 the T-40A tractor was awarded gold medals at the international exhibitions in Moscow, Leipzig, and Markkleeberg (German Democratic Republic). The plant was awarded the Order of Lenin in 1971.


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