Lipinski, Karol

Lipiński, Karol


Born Oct. 30 (or Nov. 4), 1790, in Radzyń; died Dec. 16, 1861, in Urtów, near L’vov. Polish violinist and composer.

Lipiński studied with his father, Feliks Lipiński, a violinist and conductor, and in 1810 became the conductor of the L’vov opera theater. He toured Poland and Italy, where he performed publicly with N. Paganini in 1818, and visited Russia many times (first in 1819); later he toured Western Europe. From 1839 to 1858 he was a soloist and the conductor of the Dresden opera orchestra. In 1859 he settled in Urłów. Lipiński was a great virtuoso and chamber musician of the classical school. He also composed many works for the violin, including four concerti, variations, fantasias, and dances, as well as adaptations of folk songs.


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