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Aqueous compartments enclosed by lipid bilayer membranes; liposomes are also known as lipid vesicles. Phospholipid molecules consist of an elongated nonpolar (hydrophobic) structure with a polar (hydrophilic) structure at one end. When dispersed in water, they spontaneously form bilayer membranes, also called lamellae, which are composed of two monolayer layer sheets of lipid molecules with their nonpolar (hydrophobic) surfaces facing each other and their polar (hydrophilic) surfaces facing the aqueous medium. The membranes enclose a portion of the aqueous phase much like the cell membrane which encloses the cell; in fact, the bilayer membrane is essentially a cell membrane without its protein components.

Liposomes are often used to study the characteristics of the lipid bilayer. Properties of liposomes have been characterized by a variety of techniques: molecular organization by x-ray diffraction, nuclear magnetic resonance, electron paramagnetic resonance, and Raman spectroscopy; melting behavior (that is, crystal to liquid-crystal transition) by calorimetry; net electric surface charge by microelectrophoresis; size by light scattering and electron microscopy. See Lipid

Liposomes have numerous uses as biochemical and biophysical tools: (1) as vehicles for the delivery of both water- and of oil-soluble materials to the cell; (2) as immunological adjuvants; (3) as substrates for the study of membrane properties such as rotational or translational diffusion in the plane of the membrane; and (4) as intermediates in the construction of bilayers large enough for the study of electrical properties of membranes. See Cell membranes

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But eight to 12 intravenous injections of liposomes, containing the macrophage activators gamma-interferon, muramyl tripeptide or both, saved 75 percent of Fidler's treated animals.
They wrote, 'When it comes to potential topical treatments for actinic keratoses (AKs) and non-melanoma skin cancers, T4N5 liposome lotion (Dimericine, AGI,) leads the pack.
NASDAQ: VSTR) today announced that it has filed a suit in Delaware federal court against Liposome Technology, Inc.
The liposome products include Clodrosome (clodronate liposomes), Encapsome (plain liposomes for clodronate liposomes control), Doxosome(TM) (doxorubicin liposomes), Immunosome(TM) (reactive liposomes for antibody, protein conjugation), Immunodox(TM) (reactive liposomes for antibody, protein conjugation containing doxorubicin), Immunogene(TM) (reactive liposomes for antibody, protein conjugation containing genetic material), Immunofluor(TM) (reactive liposomes for antibody, protein conjugation containing fluorescent molecules for tracking), Genesome(TM) (liposomal DNA and RNA), Fluoroliposome(TM) (fluorescent liposomes), ATPsome(TM) (ATP liposomes), Cellsome(TM) (plain liposomes as artificial cell models) and Cosmesome(TM) (liposomes used in dermatology).
The liposomes can be filled with different substances and used as vehicles for administration of drugs or nutrients.
According to the beauty industry liposomes are capable of transporting active ingredients deep into the skin and release the active ingredients so that they can alter the skin's structure by rejuvenating and smoothing the skin.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- A team of chemical engineers developed a new system for the controlled delivery of pharmaceutical drugs by using nanoparticles embedded in a liposome that can be triggered by non-invasive electromagnetic fields.
Liposomes can encapsulate and release both hydrophobic and hydrophilic active compounds.
Liposome Herbasec has the advantage of being manufactured from plant-derived, non-GMO raw materials derived from renewable resources and is water-dispersible, solvent- and preservative-free and BDIH conforming.
KEY WORDS: oligonucleotide, liposomes, polycation, serum.
The blood vessels in and around tumors tend to have larger-than-normal pores, so the liposomes pass into and accumulate in cancerous tissues more readily than they do in healthy ones.
In one format, paper-like test strips impregnated with liposomes were placed in a solution containing E.