Liquid Soap

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Soap, Liquid


(1) Liquid toilet soap is a transparent aqueous-alcohol solution of fatty potash soap, containing up to 20 percent fatty acids, 15–20 percent ethyl alcohol, and up to 1 percent fragrance. Liquid toilet soap is mainly used for washing the head and hands.

(2) Industrial liquid soap is a liquid or paste product of the saponification of split fatty vegetable oils; it contains 40–60 percent fatty acids. Wastes from the rendering of fat, as well as naphthenic acids, rosin, and tall oil, are also raw materials for its production. Industrial liquid soap is used for washing industrial fabrics, textile products, and wool.

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The husband had demanded that the woman be punished according to the law for intentionally assaulting him and endangering his health by throwing liquid soap into his eyes.
Caption: Pump up the glam Under the leadership of the third generation of Bronners, the brand has expanded from bar and liquid soaps to a full array of personal-care products: toothpaste, shaving soaps and hair creams.
He said that there was liquid soap present in the room of MS
In addition, penetration of key personal care products increased significantly with 720,000 more homes buying liquid soap and 611,000 more homes purchasing cosmetics, Kantar said in a statement.
Organic soap maker Vermont Soap is getting in on the action with new fragrance options for its Aromatherapy Air Fresheners, Castile Liquid Soaps, Foaming Fland Soaps, and Bath and Shower Gels product lines.
The Felce Azzura line of personal care products includes collections for all ages--baby, teen and adult--and encompasses shower gels, solid soaps, liquid soap, deodorant, body cream and talcum powder.
Leave for 15 minutes to allow the liquid soap to penetrate into the dirt.
Connect your pressure washer to the water mains with a standard garden hose tap connection and apply a small amount of liquid soap to the decking.
The Whitney, Ontario-based company emphasized the versatility of its new motion-activated SoapSense liquid soap dispenser by filling the unit with hand sanitizer at the show.
Liquid soap samples were collected from public restrooms in five cities (Boston; Atlanta; Columbus, Ohio; Los Angeles; and Dallas).
Similarly, a shipment from the Netherlands disguised GBL as liquid soap.
They have been swallowing the liquid soap placed on their wing after realising it contained alcohol.