liquefied natural gas

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liquefied natural gas:

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natural mixture of gaseous hydrocarbons found issuing from the ground or obtained from specially driven wells. The composition of natural gas varies in different localities.
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liquefied natural gas

[′lik·wə‚fīd ′nach·rəl ¦gas]
A product of natural gas which consists primarily of methanes; its critical temperature is about -100°F (-73°C), and thus it must be liquefied by cooling to cryogenic temperatures and must be well insulated to be held in the liquid state; used as a domestic fuel. Abbreviated LNG.

Liquefied natural gas (LNG)

A product of natural gas which consists primarily of methane. Its properties are those of liquid methane, slightly modified by minor constituents. One property which differentiates liquefied natural gas (LNG) from liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is the low critical temperature, about -100°F (-73°C). This means that natural gas cannot be liquefied at ordinary temperatures simply by increasing the pressure, as is the case with LPG; instead, natural gas must be cooled to cryogenic temperatures to be liquefied and must be well insulated to be held in the liquid state. See Liquefaction of gases

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It is expected that by 2020 the United States will become the third largest exporter of liquid natural gas just four years after opening their first terminal for export.
In the Performance Materials segment, we expect some headwinds in the North American filtration market and weakness in the global liquid natural gas markets to persist.
The mega-project, estimated at $45 billion to $60 billion, calls for an 800-mile liquid natural gas pipeline to be operating by 2024.
Elsewhere in Shabwa on Friday, a gas storage tank exploded at the Belhaf Liquid Natural Gas Plant.
The forum, which was established in Tehran and officially launched in Moscow in December 2008, owns 70 percent of the gas reserves and more than 80 percent of the liquid natural gas (LNG) trade in the world.
Sakmar, an independent consultant on global natural gas markets, presents a study on liquid natural gas reserves and the challenges of tapping into them in the 21st century, but also the important role they can play in longer term energy trends.
The firm loses some EUR 30 million (USD 39m) a year from a 25-year contract with a liquid natural gas terminal in Rotterdam.
A FLEET of giant tankers have begun delivering emergency supplies of liquid natural gas to shivering Britain.
ST), a provider of heat transfer, centrifugal separation and fluid handling solutions, announced today the award of a large order to supply compact heat exchangers to a Liquid Natural Gas plant (LNG), for processing of shale gas in the US.
Taiwan, a state-owned petroleum company, is going to sign contracts with two different Australian companies for shared ownership of liquid natural gas fields in the country to secure long-term, reliable supply of the natural resource, according to CPC.
But this means vital supplies are being taken away from Britain and our liquid natural gas levels are already 50% lower than at this time last year.
The oil and gas industry has taken increased interest in East Africa after large gas discoveries were made in the region, with analysts predicting a hive of activity as exploration firms seek to satisfy high demand in Asia for liquid natural gas (LNG).