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LISPITS is itself written in LISP and was developed and delivered to students on Digital Equipment Corp.
One was conducted in the contxt of a lecture course in which half the students did homework exercises with LISPITS and the other half did the exercises in a standard LISP environment without the tutor.
It is impossible to build even a prototype K/ES using one of the large, hybrid toolkits without resorting to some LISP code.
Begin by studying the 2000-frame tutorial that comes with Gold Hill's Golden Common LISP for personal computers (PC).
2) Rewrite the system using one of the few Lisps which, at the time, supported Common Windows (a part of KEE), like Franz's Allegro CL (8MB RAM, minimum);
Sometimes you wondered: Is that what's gnawing at this skinny, twitchy figure who lisps out one-liners that make everyone but him laugh?
Mostly, though, Carrey juts out his jaw, lisps a little and tries to make you uneasy.