Lisp Machine

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Lisp Machine

Any machine (whether notional or actual) whose instruction set is Lisp.

Lisp Machine

(hardware, operating system)
A line of workstations made by Symbolics, Inc. from the mid-1970s (having grown out of the MIT AI Lab) to late 1980s. All system code for Symbolics Lisp Machines was written in Lisp Machine Lisp. Symbolics Lisp Machines were also notable for having had space-cadet keyboards.

Lisp Machine Museum.

LISP machine

A high-end workstation used to execute applications written in the LISP programming language. Typically with keyboards customized for LISP commands, machines from Symbolics, Lisp Machines Inc., TI and Xerox were introduced in the 1980s. See LISP.

A Dedicated LISP Machine
Running the Geneva OS, this Symbolics 3640 LISP machine, which debuted in 1983, was on display in 2001 at the Vintage Computer Festival East in Marlborough, Mass. (Image courtesy of Michael L. Umbricht and Carl R. Friend, Retro-Computing Society of RI, Inc.,
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Caption: Danny at the AAAI Conference Exhibit During the 1980s Demonstrating the Xerox Lisp Machine.
We shall consider two models: the "pure" and "impure" Lisp machine.
The dedicated Lisp machine as it now exists could virtually disappear by the early 1990s.
The collapse of LISP machine companies and PARC's exit from that business had a symbolic impact.
Another trend is the development of Lisp chips and the packaging of a Lisp machine on a board (e.
They impute to the Lisp machine developers a belief that their work was "too obvious to publish.
The system is currently deployed in a network configuration consisting of a Unix multiuser system networked to a special-purpose Lisp machine as translation server.
Some programming environments, such as the one on the Symbolics Lisp Machine [35], have an in-Lisp implementation of Emacs.