List of Formulas for Various Areas

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measure of the size of a surface region, usually expressed in units that are the square of linear units, e.g., square feet or square meters. In elementary geometry, formulas for the areas of the simple plane figures and the surface areas of simple solids are derived from
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Formulas for Various Areas

Plane Figures Area1
triangle ab/2
parallelogram ab
rectangle ab
square s2
circle πr2

Solids Total Surface Area1
right circular cylinder r(r + a)
right circular cone πr(r + l)
sphere r2
1 The abbreviations used are: b = base (length of any side of a plane figure); a = altitude (perpendicular distance from the farthest point of the figure to the extended base); s = side; r = radius (of the base circle in the case of the cylinder or cone); l = slant height (distance from vertex to base of a cone measured on its surface).
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