List of Radio Frequencies

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(RFE), broadcasting organization established in 1950 with the stated mission of promoting democratic values and institutions. Its original purpose was to broadcast news to countries behind the "Iron Curtain" during the cold war.
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, radio frequency radio frequency,
range of electromagnetic waves with a frequency or wavelength suitable for communication uses. Some of these waves serve as carriers of the lower-frequency audio waves; others are modulated by video or digital information.
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Radio Frequencies
Name Abbr.
10–30 Very low VLF
30–300 Low LF
300–3,000 Medium MF
3,000–30,000 High HF
30,000–300,000 Very high VHF
300,000–3,000,000 Ultra high UHF
3,000,000–30,000,000 Super high SHF
30,000,000–300,000,000 Extremely high EHF
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