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A mailing list processor owned and developed by BITNET which runs under Unix.

See also Listserv, Majordomo.

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electronic mailing list

An automated email system on the Internet, which is maintained by subject matter. There are thousands of such lists that reach millions of individuals and businesses. New users generally subscribe by sending an email with the word "subscribe" in it and subsequently receive all new postings made to the list automatically. Mailing lists are also called "listprocs" and "listservs," the latter coming from the popular LISTSERV package. Majordomo is a popular public domain mailing list program. See LISTSERV.
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ListProc ( was made for Unix, but may work on any system that lets you compile PERL scripts.
This posting will be sent to the Listproc software at
To subscribe, send e-mail to listproc "subscribe net-happenings (your name)."
Three of the most popular Mailing Lists are Listserv, Majordomo and Listproc. All these programs have similar functions and operations.
ListProc by CREN, the Corporation for Research and Educational Networking, is one mailing listserv commonly used in academe (CREN, 1998).
A LISTSERV-like program, call Listproc, has been developed for UNIX-based platforms.