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NNA - T he President of the Council of Ministers Saad Hariri said that "the Litani River Basin will become clean, and this requires that we all work together and at a rapid pace."
Summary: The industry minister Monday ordered the closure of more than a dozen noncompliant factories in Baalbeck and the Bekaa Valley as part of a crackdown on businesses that were dumping waste and untreated wastewater into the Litani River basin.
The Litani River and its health--or lack thereof--directly impacts those Lebanese residents living near the river or buying produce irrigated by the river.
14th March 1978 saw the beginning of the week long 1978 South Lebanon Conflict, where the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) invaded and occupied southern Lebanon in what they named Operation Litani. This was part of the larger Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with Palestinian groups such as the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PLO) having established a presence in Lebanon.
The flood of the Litani River, which overflowed for the third time in a row in a month, caused confusion, disconcertion and bafflement in the Syrian refugee camps along the Beqaa Valley, particularly Deir Zanoun, Marj and Bar Elias.
LITANI, South Lebanon, Jan 16 (KUNA) -- Lebanese Minister of Finance Ali Hassan Khalil said Friday it is self-evident that Kuwait commitment to support Lebanon and the activities of KFAED cover all parts of the Lebanese territories.
The CMA CGM LITANI (10622 TEUs) is the third of a series of 28 vessels from 9400 TEUs to 10900 TEUs vessels which will be delivered from now to the third quarter of 2016.
The initial plan gave preference to in-basin use of the Jordan waters, and ruled out integration of the Litani River.
When I was recently in Israel, I met with Yehuda Litani, a former correspondent for Haaretz and the co-author, along with the Druse poet Naim Ariedei, of Not on Hummus Alone, an Israeli best-seller published in 2000 about hummus' culture and history.
It advised Canadians not to travel south of the Litani River, particularly to areas near the border with Israel, because "tensions remain high" despite a cessation of hostilities between Israel and Hizbullah in August 2006.
Major General Alberto Asarta Cuevas told the Jerusalem Post that in monitoring the area south of the Litani River his forces uncovered nothing to substantiate claims regarding Hizbullah.