Literacy Schools

Schools, Literacy


(1) In prerevolutionary Russia, one- and two-year primary schools, operated under the auspices of various government departments or private individuals until 1891, when they were turned over to the Synod. Education at the literacy schools was limited to memorizing prayers and to mastering the rudiments of reading, writing, and arithmetic. The schools were abolished after the Great October Revolution of 1917.

(2) In the 1920’s in Russia, one- and two-year training centers and schools for the elimination of illiteracy (seeLITERACY and SCHOOLS FOR ADULTS) .

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She disclosed that proposals regarding increase in salaries of literacy teachers, offering internships to the students graduated from literacy schools and inclusion of NGOs in monitoring process are under consideration.
He said, 'We'll make new Literacy Schools in each district as per the demographic survey.
He said that it should be ensured that number of students shifted from non formal literacy schools to mainstream schools really attend the schools.
After some discussion it was decided that, as part of the High School Woodworking program, we would build a type of light weight lap top desk that could be used in the Usarufa literacy schools.
Unity City Academy in Middlesbrough organised summer camps and literacy schools for children due to move up from Year 6 to 7.
Attached are 10 teaching units, which are based on units of work were written by a group of teachers and advisers for summer literacy schools (part of England's National Literacy Strategy) in 2000.
It receives pounds 14,000 to extend its summer literacy schools scheme, with sixth form students being trained to act as mentors in information and communication technology (ITC) and writing.
Under contracts with the 25 new education action zones teachers may have to work at summer literacy schools.
DCO and Executive District Officer education Qazi Zahoor-ul-Haq said that around 1300 children are getting education in 172 literacy schools of the city, adding that 23 schools would not be abolished as there is no government school nearby.
It is the second year the literacy schools have operated and Mr Blunkett will today extend the project by announcing that about 40 pilot numeracy schools will be launched this summer.
Graham Lane, education boss in Newham, east London said out-of-hours literacy schools helped their pass rates.

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