Literatorskie Mostki

Literatorskie Mostki


the burial place of many Russian and Soviet writers, revolutionary figures, and scholars; located in the Volkov Cemetery in Leningrad.

In 1861, N. A. Dobroliubov was buried next to the grave of V. G. Belinskii, initiating the tradition of burying men of letters on this site. Among those buried at Literatorskie Mostki were I. S. Turgenev, M. E. Saltykov-Shchedrin, N. S. Leskov, G. I. Uspenskii, G. V. Plekhanov, V. I. Zasulich, D. I. Mendeleev, and I. P. Pavlov. V. I. Lenin’s mother and sisters were buried here.

In the Soviet period, Literatorskie Mostki became a branch of the Museum of Municipal Sculpture. The remains of N. G. Pomialovskii, A. A. Blok, I. A. Goncharov, and many other writers, actors, artists, composers, and architects have been moved there. Many of the monuments were designed by well-known Russian and Soviet sculptors.


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