Irish literature

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Irish literature:

see Gaelic literatureGaelic literature,
literature in the native tongue of Ireland and Scotland. Since Scots Gaelic became separate from Irish Gaelic only in the 17th cent., the literature is conventionally divided into Old Irish (before 900), Middle Irish (until 1350), Late Middle or Early Modern
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Wright proposes a similar feature in the post-Union literature of Ireland, where Irish autonomy was directly threatened by legislation that wiped out the juridical element of the nation.
Larkin was one of the founders of the American Committee for Irish Studies, organized to bring together scholars engaged with the history and literature of Ireland. The Bums Library houses the ACIS archives, and Larkin's personal archives contain many files relating to this organization.
"Post-modernists: Samuel Beckett and Flann O'Brien." The Literature of Ireland: Criticism and Culture.
The folk literature of Ireland includes stories of the Irish people that have been passed down through generations through such storytelling (Young, 2004).
The literature of Ireland is filled with characters that are either identified as giants or who have abilities far beyond most humans.
In his engaging introduction to The Literature of Ireland: Culture and Criticism, Terence Brown positions this study and his broader body of work, largely eschewing theoretical lenses and perspectives.
"A Painful Case" is its classic articulation in the literature of Ireland. (xv-xvi)
Introduced to the ancient heroic and romantic literature of Ireland through the translations of the Gaelic scholar Eugene O'Curry, O'Grady devoted his career to the study of Irish antiquities.
Prefaced by scholarly introductions presenting the most up-to-date research on these works and their socio-cultural contexts, these three 2010 editions offer new ways of thinking about, and teaching, the literature of Ireland in this period.
By way of introduction, it is appropriate to refer to some of the literati who have contributed to the literature of Ireland over the past few centuries.
In the Gaelic literature of Ireland, early prose and verse legends of gods and folk heroes, most of which originated during or before the 11th century.
We may take as read that the literature of Ireland is remarkable for its range of responses to the urgent questions, long and persistent as they have been, of nation, society and culture.

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