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Little America,

base for Antarctic exploring expeditions, Antarctica, on the Ross Ice Shelf, S of the Bay of Whales. Richard E. ByrdByrd, Richard Evelyn,
1888–1957, American aviator and polar explorer, b. Winchester, Va. He took up aviation in 1917, and after World War I he gained great fame in the air. He commanded the naval air unit with the arctic expedition of D. B. MacMillan in 1925.
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, a U.S. explorer, established and named Little America in 1929 and built bases on the same site in 1933–35, 1939–41, and 1946–48 for subsequent expeditions. Little America IV at Kainan Bay, 30 mi (48 km) to the east, was a U.S. station during the International Geophysical Year (1957–58).
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11ac at its Salt Lake City Grand America and Little America properties first due to the significant event revenues they generate.
Little America is divided into three parts: Grand Dreams, Shattered Plans, and Triage.
Little America is, as we have seen, more than just a memoir of one journalist's observations during the recent years of the Afghan war; it is an informed discussion of the conflicting strategies and their execution (or non-execution, as the case may be).
Rajiv Chandrasekaran's new book, Little America, is an extended commentary on what happened on the ground in Afghanistan in those two or so years as a consequence of this logic, but it begins its narrative a half-century earlier, during the U.
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Little America offers a window into the thinking of our key decision makers, along with the requisite political and cultural context; his apt portrayal of the Afghan perspective and on-the-ground tensions-as when Richard Holbrooke, the late US envoy, backed a Karzai rival for president--makes the book a must for policy shapers and voters alike.
The Little America Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City was abuzz with activity and excitement when your reporter arrived on July 14 for the opening of the U.
Little America is a board book for beginning readers, written in the format of ten rhyming riddles about American treasures.
But in truth, there's little America could do to bolster the octogenarian Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, even if it wanted to.
The story includes logistics for the high latitudes, Little America V as the science flagship on the ice shelf, dropped on the South Pole from the sky, Antarctic weather quest, and the experience of life on the ice.
Israel is a little America that suffers, and both have something in common.