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Little Turtle,

c.1752–1812, chief of the MiamiMiami
, group of Native Americans of the Algonquian branch of the Algonquian-Wakashan linguistic stock (see Native American languages). They shared the cultural traits of the Eastern Woodlands area and the Plains area, hunting the buffalo that ranged through much of their
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, born in a Miami village near present-day Fort Wayne, Ind. He was noted for his oratorical powers, military skill, and intelligence. He was a principal commander of the Native Americans in the defeat of Gen. Josiah Harmar on the Miami River in 1790 and of Gen. Arthur St. ClairSt. Clair, Arthur,
1734–1818, American general, b. Thurso, Scotland. He left the Univ. of Edinburgh to become (1757) an ensign in the British army and served in the French and Indian War at Louisburg and Quebec.
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 on the Wabash River in 1791. After several attacks on the forces of Gen. Anthony WayneWayne, Anthony,
1745–96, American Revolutionary general, b. Chester co., Pa. Impetuous and hot-headed, Wayne was sometimes known as "mad Anthony," but he was an able general. Early Career

Not inclined toward academic studies, Wayne became a surveyor in 1763.
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, he counseled peace but was overruled. Consequently he was not in command at Fallen TimbersFallen Timbers,
battle fought in 1794 between tribes of the Northwest Territory and the U.S. army commanded by Anthony Wayne; it took place in NW Ohio at the rapids of the Maumee River just southwest of present-day Toledo.
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. He reluctantly signed the Treaty of Greenville (Ohio) in 1795, ceding a great part of Ohio to the whites, and he also signed several subsequent treaties. Later he refused to join Tecumseh's confederacy against the whites. He persuaded many of the Miami to turn to agriculture and appealed to the government to halt the liquor trade among his people.
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We also brought up some sea-slugs, pearl-oysters, and a dozen little turtles that were reserved for the pantry on board.
Hope's owner previously shared a ( video of the little turtle's underbelly, showing her exposed heart beating just outside her shell.
A few metres from the shore I watch my tiny little turtle slowly waddle into the waves and eventually swim off, hoping that he thrives and lives to be 80 years old (as some turtles do).
A few metres from the shore, I watch my tiny little turtle slowly waddle into the waves and eventually swim off, hoping that he thrives and lives to be 80 years old (as some turtles do).
Created out of a passion for the Maldives, the owners, Czech businessman Jiri Smejc and his wife Radka, have overseen every last detail, working closely alongside award-winning Czech architect Petr Kolar; from the exquisite interiors of the Villas and Private Residences, to the Lha Velaa (Little Turtle) Kids Club co-designed by their seven year old daughter, featuring the largest waterpark in the Maldives, to the owners' love of sports where the island boasts a pristine nine-hole Golf Academy by two-time Masters Champion, Jose Maria Olazabal, shaded Tennis Court, Squash and Climbing Wall, as well as every high-tech watersport, including a submarine for exploring the teeming marine life.
"I saw a lovely picture of a little turtle, and thought 'I want to use this for a rock' then I did a second turtle but with different colours.
Jaffe chose the following three stories as the source material for the three movements of his violin concerto: a story about a tyrannical turtle who climbed on other turtles' backs so that he could reach the stars and rule over the universe, but was overthrown by a sneeze of a little turtle at the bottom of the pyramid; a story of two creatures who would not give way to each other on a narrow bridge; and a story of one race of magical creatures who oppressed another race of magical creatures because the latter did not have stars on their bellies, both races reconciled when they had to unite against a greedy opportunist who started removing from and adding stars to bellies for money.
It's from that little turtle skeleton in Mario Kart that dries up and comes back to life.
Using simple commands and programs, a kid could make a little turtle on the screen draw intricate designs.
His brother William was captured at the early age of 12 by the Miami Indians, later married the daughter of Chief Little Turtle and later still became a U.S.
But to prevent the eggs being gobbled up by foxes and other predators, the team at EMEG translocates the eggs to a safer place with similar sand texture and at a similar angle, without turning it because the little turtle inside will die if the egg is shaken.