Liuben Tonev

Tonev, Liuben


Born Mar. 30, 1908, in Kiustendil. Bulgarian architect.

Tonev graduated from the Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris in 1929. On his own or in collaboration with other architects, he has designed buildings and reconstruction plans for Sofia (1945), Pleven (1946), Lovech (1947), Burgas (1947), Tunis (1962–63), and other cities. Plans designed under Tonev’s direction were the first in Bulgaria to present complex solutions to problems in city planning.


Gradoustroistvo, parts 1–2. Sofia [1951].
Planirane na bulgarskoto selo. Sofia, 1956. (With others.)
Kompositsiia na suvremenniia grad. Sofia, 1971.