Liubov Borisovna Khavkina

Khavkina, Liubov’ Borisovna


Born Apr. 12 (24), 1871, in Kharkov; died June 2, 1949, in Moscow. Soviet Russian librarian and bibliographer. Honored Scientist of the RSFSR (1945); doctor of pedagogical sciences (1949).

In 1904, Khavkina drew up Russia’s first plan for an educational program in library science. She wrote the first general textbook on library science, entitled Libraries, Their Organization and Management (1904), and in 1913 she initiated the first courses in library science, at the A. L. Shaniavskii People’s University in Moscow. Her adaptation of C. A. Cutter’s three-digit author’s table to Russian in 1931 has proved invaluable for the organization of Soviet library collections. Khavkina was awarded the Order of the Badge of Honor in 1945.


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