Liudmila Volkenshtein

Volkenshtein, Liudmila Aleksandrovna


Born Sept. 18 (30), 1857, in Kiev; died Jan. 10 (23), 1906. Russian revolutionary. Narodnik (Populist). Born into a noble family.

Volkenshtein took part in organizing the assassination of Prince Dm. N. Kropotkin, the governor of Kharkov, in 1879; from November 1879 to August 1883 she lived abroad. In 1883 she returned to Russia, where she was sentenced to death at the Trial of the 14 (1884); this sentence was commuted to 15 years of penal servitude. Volkenshtein remained in solitary confinement in Shlissel’burg Fortress until 18%. From 1897 she lived in a settlement on Sakhalin Island. She perished in a demonstration that was fired upon in Vladivostok. Volkenshtein was the author of memoirs entitled From My Prison Reminiscences (1924).