Liutfiia Rashidzhanovna Kabirova

Kabirova, Liutfiia Rashidzhanovna


Born Dec. 7, 1932, in Samarkand. Soviet Tadzhik soprano. People’s Artist of the USSR (1977).

In 1954, Kabirova graduated from the Moscow Conservatory, where she had studied voice under D. B. Beliavskaia. In the same year she became a soloist at the Tadzhik Theater of Opera and Ballet. Kabirova’s roles have included Tat’iana, Mariia, and Liza in Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin, Mazeppa, and The Queen of Spades, respectively. She has also sung the role of Malokhat in Sabzanov’s The Return, Surma in Urbakh’s The Celebrated Bridegroom, Nisso in Balasanian’s Bakhtior and Nisso, and Gul’ru in Saifiddinov’s Pulat and Gul’ru. She performs in classical and Soviet operettas.

Kabirova has been awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor and various medals.