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live oak:

see oakoak,
any tree or shrub of the genus Quercus of the family Fagaceae (beech family). This complex genus includes as many as 600, found chiefly in north temperate zones and also in Polynesia. The more southerly species, ranging into the tropics, are usually evergreen.
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I would bet we have at least 10,000 valley oaks and live oaks," he said.
Of the 2,000 live oaks along the coast, an estimated 200 were uprooted by the force of Katrina.
In the wild, live oaks support a wide variety of organisms.
The deer graze under the pecan and live oaks along the fairways while black and grey fox squirrels stare down from the limbs, showing off their two-toned faces and perky fox-like ears.
On the old land maps, live oaks marked where one property line ended and another began.
The independent review comes after Browning Ferris Industries, which operates the dump, said it recounted the trees and would have to cut 940 mature coast live oaks trees rather than the 510 oaks listed on its permit application.
CitiPlex President Robert Sandman, who's leading the project's development and the preservation of the Live Oaks, explains, "Developers continue to remove trees from sites because it's easier and less expensive than working around them.
He envisioned a rejuvenated landscape repopulated with groves of live oaks that would thrive as they helped stay erosion and slow gulf winds.
GRANADA HILLS - A recount of mature oak trees growing on the slopes of Sunshine Canyon Landfill revealed that 940 coast live oaks would have to be cut to make way for the dump expansion - nearly double the number initially proposed.
E) has entered into a Letter of Intent to acquire the 110 acre, Live Oaks Spring Resort located on Old Highway 80 in Boulevard, San Diego County, Calif.
The park, like so many other parts of the city, was badly flooded, forcing many of the iconic live oaks to sit in standing water for days.