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A cross-platform, interpreted programming language from RunRev Ltd., Edinburgh, Scotland, LiveCode allows programmers to write the source code once and deploy to Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android platforms. More like English, the language is devoid of cryptic symbols as found in C/C++, Java and many other programming languages. LiveCode derives its name because, like most interpreted languages, small sections of code can be executed independently without having to compile the entire program.

Formerly Runtime Revolution
LiveCode was formerly Runtime Revolution, named because of the target runtime engine that is packaged with the app. Revolution was originally MetaCard, a HyperCard-like language acquired by the company. Following is a source code example of opening a file named "a.xml" in LiveCode and C. See runtime engine and HyperCard.

In LiveCode
  open file a.xml for read

  In C
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LiveCode allows developers to create new apps for both Android and iOS for Apple devices from a single coding language.
Developers can also make changes to an app in real time across different platforms using LiveCode and see the results as changes are made.
Formerly the Revolution development environment, LiveCode enables real-time development with adaptations and modifications made instantly and effortlessly.