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O'Brien T, Kinnaird M (1996) Effect of harvest on leaf development of the Asian palm Livistona rotundifolia.
genus Livistona, which has remote-ligular germination, to be the most
Lothian (1959) have described germination of Livistona.
* You can see fountain palms (Livistona decipiens) behind the statuary at The Huntington Botanical Gardens.
Preliminary laboratory tests indicated that the Chinese fan palm Livistona chinensis (Jacq.) R.
Taxa with both types of fibers in the same eophyll are rare (Livistona, Borassus, Calamus, Mauritia, Oraniopsis, and Jubaea).
Size structure of Livistona endauensis populations at four sites on Gunung Janing Barat, Johore, Malaysia.