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Yet despite Resa Willis's valiant efforts to fill in the blanks about Livy Clemens's existence, it is Mark Twain whose words ring memorably wherever he is quoted.
As the Founders read the histories of the rise and fall of the Greek and Roman republics recorded by Herodotus, Livy, Tacitus, Sallust, Plutarch, Polybius and others, they learned that the liberties enjoyed by the citizens of those commonwealths were quite often targeted by conspiracies of men determined to enslave the people and establish themselves as tyrants.
These are discourses on Livy, a historian, not on Plato or Aristotle.
the wealth of imports from Bourges, in the territory of the Bituriges Cubi to whom Livy gives such prominence (Collis forthcoming 3).
His needs were clearly great in this regard, and one can only wonder what turn his career would have taken if his ferocious courting of Livy Langdon had proved unsuccessful.
Most entries are from Classical or Christian iconography, handy for those of us who don't have Livy memorized or have forgotten just which virgin Dorothea was.
A number of his editions of Seneca, Cicero, Plautus, Livy, Sallust, and Tacitus have acquired canonical status.
Now Flynn has been giving every indication that the latest man in the hot seat, Rangers legend Richard Gough, could be axed if Livy are relegated.
18) At all the festivals, special significance was given to the fasces (rods), (19) which--as Livy describes in The Early History of Rome--were first held by Lucius Junius Brutus, the founder of the Republic:
Since it is axiomatic for Heidegger that truth is historical and that philosophy and poetry are frequently allied pursuits, the ways in which Heidegger develops the four directives range far and wide: the figures treated include Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Hegel, Descartes, Leibniz, Anaximander, Nietzsche, Burckhardt, Schelling, Homer, Hesiod, Theogonis, Kierkegaard, Grimm, Livy, Spengler, Fichte, Pindar, Schopenhauer, Holderlin, Herder, Sophocles, and Rilke.
For instance, he yarns to his fiancee, who lacked confidence in her own spelling, about his sister: "You'll like her, Livy - she don't seem to spell worth a cent.
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