Lizzie Borden

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Lizzie Borden
Lizzie Andrew Borden
BirthplaceFall River, Massachusetts, U.S.
Known for Acquittal in murder of father and stepmother

Borden, Lizzie (Andrew)

(1860–1927) alleged murderess; born in Fall River, Mass. She was arrested and tried for the axe-murders of her father and stepmother in 1892. Acquitted in 1893, she was socially ostracized but remained in Fall River until her death.
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Borden, Lizzie (1860–1927)

woman accused of butchering father and stepmother with ax (1872). [Am. Hist.: Hart, 91]
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In Fall River, Massachusetts, in 1892, Bridget Sullivan moves into the residence of Lizzie Borden. She lives with her domineering father, Andrew, stepmum Abby and sister Emma.
1860: Lizzie Borden was born in America, attaining notoriety when she was accused of hacking to death both her father and stepmother.
1860: Lizzie Borden was born in America, later attaining notoriety when she was accused of hacking to death both her father and stepmother.
Robertson's fascination with the Lizzie Borden case began 30 years ago when she was a Harvard undergrad.
On the TV show front, he's been on shows like, "Living in Your Car," "Good God," "Bomb Girls," "The Lizzie Borden Chronicles," "Degrassi: The Next Generation," "Bitten" and more.
Lizzie Cast: ChloE1/2 Sevigny, Kristen Stewart In 1892 Lizzie Borden lives a quiet life in Massachusetts under the strict rules established by her father.
Sevigny's latest project, producing and starring in the horror movie "Lizzie" about Lizzie Borden and the infamous ax murders, is the beginning of a relatively radical career turn.
From murder suspect Lizzie Borden to civil rights activist Rosa Parks to daring pilot Amelia Earhart, there's someone there for everyone.
Musician Lizzie Borden (not of family-killing fame) needs wads of money to buy back her songs and stage name, which are being held hostage by her record company.
I did the most research for Lizzie Borden in Fall River Legend.
CHLOE Sevigny and Kristen Stewart, above, star in this tense biopic of Lizzie Borden, accused of the 1892 axe-murders of her dad and stepmum.
FOR THE NEARLY hour-and-a-half preceding the notorious moment when Lizzie Borden "took an ax and gave her mother 40 whacks" in actress Chloe Sevigny's passion project Lizzie, the camera lingers on her caught behind windowpanes and the bars of a stairwell.