Giovanni di Pietro

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Giovanni di Pietro:

see Spagna, LoSpagna, Lo
, c.1450–c.1528, Italian painter, b. Spain, whence his nickname. His real name was Giovanni di Pietro. His art belongs to the Umbrian school and reveals his indebtedness to Perugino and Pinturicchio and to Raphael in the Umbrian period.
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A cycle of mural paintings, executed by Lo Spagna in 1526-1528 has been analyzed during a wide diagnostic campaign at the presbytery of St.
Below are details concerning two studies carried out on different material types of artworks are reported: an oil painting on woven paper probably ascribable to Honore Daumier and a mural painting by Lo Spagna.
There are, of course, points of interest--for example the crumbling walls inspired by Fra Filippo Lippi in Giacomo di Giovannofrio's unappetising copy of Lo Spagna's Nativity.