a river in Kirov Oblast, RSFSR, right tributary of the Kil’mez’ (Viatka Basin). Length, 169 km; basin area, 2,810 sq km. The Loban’ is formed by the confluence of the Belaia and Chernaia Loban’ rivers. It flows south-southeast through a marshy lowland. The river is fed primarily by snow. Average water discharge 56 km from the mouth is 14.3 cu m per sec (maximum discharge, 625 cu m per sec). The Loban’ is used for floating logs.

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For the transcriptions, we used standard conventions, which included segmenting each student's spoken language sample into utterances, or communication units (C-units; Loban, 1976).
Dhoop is also known as Loban or Benzoin in other words, which has the capacity to purify the atmosphere.
Loban (1953) conducted one of the earliest studies on sympathy between children.
He said that there are innovative forms of women's shisha, as well as specific types of scented tobacco which women want like melon, strawberries and loban.
Amjad Saqib, the FACES Chairman Javed William, MDC Director George Bota, Egyptian lady Loban and a large number of people from civil society were also present.
The report, Book up in Indigenous communities in Australia: A national overview (REP 451) reflects research undertaken by Dr Heron Loban of Griffith University, which included surveying financial counsellors and other stakeholders who work with Indigenous consumers across Australia.
Rebecca Loban, 17, student, said: "The closest I have come to fame is a photo featured in a magazine.
BROWNHILLS TEEN JESSICA LOBAN FOUND SAFE AND WELL Berni Ryan Too many teenagers do this, they don't realise the worry and heartache it causes to their family.
Jessica Loban was last seen on Thursday night when she went to bed at her home in Second Avenue.
Heron Loban, Indigenous People, Telecommunications and Consumer Protection, INDIGENOUS L.
A fire placed on a censer is fed with sukhar (sandalwood) and loban (frankincense).
Focus on Research: We listen to a book a day; we speak a book a week: Learning from Walter Loban.