Local Time

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local time

[′lō·kəl ′tīm]
Time based upon the local meridian as reference, as contrasted with that based upon a zone meridian, or the meridian of Greenwich.
Any time kept locally.
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Local Time


in astronomy, time defined for a given site on the earth. Local time depends on the geographical longitude of the site and is identical for all points located on the same meridian. The difference in the local time of two sites is equal to the difference in the longitudes of the sites. Local time is determined from astronomical observations (in particular using solar clocks) at the given site.

Local time was formerly in common use, but since the end of the 19th century it has been replaced in most countries (in the USSR since 1919) by standard time. Stellar local time is used in astronomy. In daily life, the term “local time” is often used for the time, usually standard time, that a particular city, town, or the like lives by.

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Group B: West Indies vs Qualifier, Dhaka, 7.30 pm local time 7.00 pm IST
Group A: South Africa vs Qualifier, Chittagong, 3.30 pm local time 3.00 pm IST
Group A: England vs Sri Lanka, Chittagong, 7.30 pm local time 7.00 pm IST
Local time peaks ordinarily obtained on the interval distributions are very sharp and consist of 1-2 histograms [1-3] i.e.
This means that we must enhance the time resolution yet again to study the local time peak structure.
The first peak corresponds to a local time difference of 62.98 [+ or -] 0.02 sec, the second one to 63.16 [+ or -] 0.02 sec.
(23:00 local time, 20:00 GMT) Young Boys VS Juventus
(23:00 local time, 20:00 GMT) Benfica VS AEK Athens
(23:00 local time, 20:00 GMT) Shakhtar VS Lyon (23:00 local time, 20:00 GMT)
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Flights operating on Saturdays depart Sharjah International Airport at 7.25 am local time arriving at Vienna International Airport at 11:40 am local time.
On Wednesdays, flights are scheduled to depart from Sharjah International Airport early in the morning at 07:15 hours local time arriving at Vienna International Airport at 11:30 hours local time.