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That's the amount of money left in the coffers of the Flintshire Local Action Group, one of three voluntary organisations covering the counties of North East Wales.
During the event, three working documents were presented and discussed: the analysis of the effects of signing memoranda; a handbook for municipal officers on gender mainstreaming and a draft model local action plan.
Time was when many film buffs dismissed local action movies as being 'deader than a dodo bird,' permanently done in by overaged action superstars and their smug producers' failure to keep viewers excited and dynamically entertained.
TNS hit 10 past Rhyl and all the local action PAGES 10,11,12
Commission communication transmitted to the Council and to the European Parliament on 29 July 1988, the LEADER approach ("Liaison Entre Actions de Developpement de l'Economie Rurale") involves using 7 principles for local development: designing a local development strategy focused on area, a "bottom up" approach, the establishment of a Public-Private Partnership called Local Action Group (LAG), encouraging innovation, development of integrated and multi-sectoral actions, networking and co-operation.
According to the rule of procedure of the HPR, MPs have one week per month for local action, Mongi Harbaoui noted.
Secretary Foxx challenged mayors and officials to three calls to action: (1) issue a public statement about the importance of bicycle and pedestrian safety, (2) form a local action team to advance safety and accessibility goals, and (3) take local action on seven challenge activities.
The Government funding pot, called the LEADER Programme money, will be handed out via Local Action Group, (LAGs) according to six priorities.
Within 45 days of accepting the challenge, communities are encouraged to convene a Local Action Summit with key public and private sector stakeholders to assess needs, determine priorities, and decide what combination of objectives they will tackle.
Our mission is to encourage and support local action to protect and enhance our environment, contributing towards a sustainable future for Wales.
Movers and Shakers Interactive demonstrations by local action heroes, 1 p.
While it is all well and good for Coun Khan to set up local action groups to help with the problem, nothing is going to improve without informing the local residents that this is being done.

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