Loch Lomond

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Lomond, Loch

(lŏkh lō`mənd, –mən), largest freshwater lake in Great Britain, 23 mi (37 km) long and from 1 to 5 mi (1.6–8.1 km) wide, in Argyll and Bute, West Dunbartonshire, and Stirling, W Scotland. The Leven River drains it into the Clyde. At the southern end of the lake, near its outlet, are numerous wooded islands. The northern end is overlooked by Ben Lomond (3,192 ft/973 m high). The hydroelectric power plant at the northwestern end of the lake is fed by water from Loch Sloy. Loch Lomond has numerous associations with Rob RoyRob Roy
[Scottish Gaelic,=red Rob], 1671–1734, Scottish freebooter, whose real name was Robert MacGregor. He is remembered chiefly as he figures in Sir Walter Scott's novel Rob Roy (1818).
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, and a cave there was once used as a refuge by Robert I. The lake is a popular tourist attraction; it and surrounding areas are in Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park.

Loch Lomond


a lake in northern Great Britain, the largest in Scotland. Area, 71 sq km; depth, up to 190 m. Loch Lomond is located in the southwestern Grampian Mountains in a tectonic valley deepened by an ancient glacier. There are many islands in the southern part. Water from the lake flows via the Leven River into the lower reaches of the Clyde. There is fishing, and the lake is navigable.

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