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in sewing, the portion of stitched thread between two punctures of the needle, produced by means of a shuttle. In lockstitches the interlacing of the threads normally takes place in the material; the form of the stitching on the front and back sides is identical.

Figure 1. Sequence In the formation of a lockstitch by drawing a loop around a bobbin: (1) needle thread, (2) thread tensioner, (3) eye-pointed needle, (4) bobbin thread, (5) shuttle, (6) material being sewn

Lockstitching usually involves two threads; three threads are used when working with two needles and one shuttle. Lockstitches do not permit much stretching along the stitching and are therefore unsuitable for elastic materials, for example, in knitwear. They are not subject to raveling. Their principal drawback is the loss in strength in the needle thread, since the same portion of the thread passes through the eye of the needle many times while forming the stitches (see Figure 1).

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