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bending of the stalk of a plant (stalk lodging) or the entire plant (root lodging).

Stalk lodging is caused by the large load of lush growth on the lower part of the stalk. It is caused by overgrowth, a high nitrogen level, abundant watering, and shading. Lodging also occurs in fields with climbing weeds and fungal diseases that afflict the shoots and roots of plants. Bread grains most often lodge at the end of the milk stage and the beginning of the dough stage, at which time the weight of undeveloped matter is greatest. In this period, walls of stalk cells may partially decompose to form seeds, as a result of which the straw becomes weaker. Root lodging occurs when the roots are poorly anchored in the soil because of excess moisture. The grain of lodged plants forms abnormally; it is sickly, its nutrient content is lower than normal, and its yield drops. The mechanized harvesting of lodged plants is difficult, and harvest losses increase.

Steps to prevent lodging include raising varieties resistant to lodging; observing norms for sowing rate and depth; using optimal doses of nitrogen fertilizer in combination with phosphorus, potassium, and microfertilizers; and treating crops with growth inhibitors (for example, chlorocholine chloride).


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Siskauskiene predicts that about 20 percent of the country's lodging facilities, especially those in the coastal resort town of Palanga, will be driven out of business if the VAT is not lowered.
The top five environmental-friendly actions that business travelers expect lodging facilities to be taking are recycling (77%), energy-efficient lighting (74%), energy-efficient windows (59%), placing cards in rooms to let guests request that sheets and towels not be changed (52%), and the regular use of environmentally safe cleaning products (49%).
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Chena Hot Springs will guarantee a negotiated number of seats on each flight to package with Alaska/Yukon tours that feature the company's Fairbanks, Chicken, Denali area and North Slope lodging facilities.
The number of unemployed totaled 1.35 million in July, down 7,000 from June, due to increased hiring in wholesale and retail stores, restaurants, lodging facilities, construction and manufacturing.
The original plan called for Mori to build a larger, $161/2-million institute, complete with a training center and lodging facilities, at Ikoma City, Nara Prefecture, by 2000.
The subsidiary will supply all the case goods for the hotel chain's guest room furniture, both in its full-service lodging facilities and its limited service divisions, which include Courtyards, Fairfield Inns and Residence Inns.