Ludovico Antonio Muratori

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Muratori, Ludovico Antonio


Born Oct. 21, 1672, in Vignola; died Jan. 23, 1750, in Modena. Italian historian.

Muratori became curator of the Ambrosiana Library at Milan in 1695 and chief librarian and archivist for the dukes of Modena in 1700. He published the basic narrative sources of medieval Italian history. His Annals of Italy is a detailed exposition of Italian history, mainly political, from the first century A.D. to 1749. His Medieval Italian Antiquities is devoted to the history of the institutions, manners, and customs of the Italian states from the fifth to the 13th centuries. Muratori also wrote on paleography, numismatics, and philosophy.


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Questo stesso soggetto fu trattato ancora felicemente dal Signor Carlo Maria Maggi, dopo la di cui morte la pubblico nell'anno 1700, con l'altre sue Opere in cinque Tomi raccolte, il mio eruditissimo Signor Lodovico Antonio Muratori, dignitissimo Bibliotecario di S.A.S.
Through careful scholarship, Minor demonstrates that Lodovico Antonio Muratori (1672-1750), a figure largely undiscussed in Anglophone scholarship, is one of the towering figures of the Enlightenment discourse on good taste, whose views deserve to be ranked with the most important in a lineage leading to and including Kant's third critique.
We have arguments from patristic fathers, Pope John XXII, Roberto Bellarmino and his Lutheran opponent Johann Gerhard, Anglican Jeremy Taylor, Pierre Gassendi, and Lodovico Antonio Muratori's contemporary attack.
(4) Lodovico Antonio Muratori, A Relation of the Missions of Paraguay, English translation of the French translation of the original Italian version (London: J.
The dilemma expressed by Metastasio's Achilles would certainly have been viewed sympathetically by Lodovico Antonio Muratori, often considered to be one of the more conservative of opera's critics.(12) Let us reconsider some of his oft-quoted statements from Della perfetta poesia italiana (1706):
Lodovico Antonio Muratori (1672-1750), one of the European founders of medieval history, enjoyed a well-deserved, international celebrity in the eighteenth century.