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For smart buyers eager to experience the best of both these vibrant worlds, Loft Living Los Angeles has proven itself time and again to be tops in its field.
Their Foundry Loan development in Larbert, near Falkirk, has 80 homes, ranging from one and two bedroom apartments, three bedroom townhouses and four and five-bedroom homes with loft living.
If we believed them before, there's a good chance Larimer Square could have been leveled for a nice parking lot, loft living in LoDo would have taken a lot longer to happen, and the Oxford Hotel could be a retirement community serving Orange Roughy daily.
From loft living, where contemporary furniture offers a fresh and airy feel, to the more traditional classical looking pieces, a visit to GFS World of Furniture will leave you inspired.
Connecting the present to the past, Mockingbird Station, a mixed-use first-of-its kind project in Dallas offers loft living, office space, dining and retail establishments and a DART station located right next door.
Toss out the notion that loft living in old industrial buildings is just some Spartan lifestyle for struggling artists in New York, Boston or Chicago.
This truly trendsetting creation of Italian design competency represents a new direction of kitchen architecture following the liberated, unfitted style now increasingly adopted in high-end loft living.
The three bedroom, 2-bathroom loft's open plan combines modern conveniences with authentic loft living.
Once an old o'ce building, Viceroy House has now been turned into four statement apartments, in"uenced by New York-style loft living while still style loft living while still Y staying true to the manufacturing quarter's roots.
WE all know what loft living looks like - even if we're not lucky enough to own a live-in warehouse, we're familiar with the style from glamorous movies and TV shows.
Loft living is an experience, embraced by people who aspire to a different lifestyle, says CHRIS BARNES