Lognormal Distribution

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lognormal distribution

[′läg‚nȯr·məl ‚di·strə′byü·shən]
A probability distribution in which the logarithm of the parameter has a normal distribution.
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Lognormal Distribution


a special type of probability distribution of random variables. If X has a normal distribution and if Y = ex, then Y will have a lognormal distribution characterized by the density

Here, m and σ are the parameters of the distribution of the variable X. The mathematical expectation Y is

mY = em + σ2/2

and the dispersion,

The sizes of particles of a crushed material (a rock, for example) and the content of many minerals in rocks obey this distribution to a good approximation.


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We fitted log-normal distributions to frequency distribution of reporting delays as extracted from OSIRIS.
This is because the latter uses the log-normal distribution to replace the Gamma-log-normal distribution for deriving the PDF, which brings about the inaccuracy of the derived ergodic capacity in some cases.
From the figure, it is observed that the PDF is like the log-normal distribution. In addition, with the increase of [lambda], the peak of the curve shifts to the left because the more ST nodes easily cause the interference under certain ST power level.
(1) the [alpha] value was sampled at each fraction from a log-normal distribution for all cells in the tumor while keeping the [beta] value constant, which also results in a variable cellular [alpha]/[beta];
According to the log-normal distribution, the METT for the route 1 can be analytically calculated [17] as follows:
1999), log-normal distribution (Bensilum, Purser 2002) or normal distribution (Chu et al.
The carried out analysis determined that for the volume of the observed field ranging between 200 and 708 vehicles /hour, exponential and log-normal distributions were adequate for fitting time headways between vehicles.
Huberman and Adamic (1999) have shown that the size distribution (number of pages) of WWW sites follows power-law behavior in the upper-tail and suggested log-normal distribution, but it can characterize more precisely only the lower and middle ranges of the file size distributions and it is not heavy tailed.
Note that the log-normal distribution provides the limit to the popular and widely used discrete log-binomial distribution in the option pricing model of Cox, Ross and Rubinstein (1979).
For hair (n=44) and nails (n=33), all elements show log-normal distribution. For skin-scale samples (n=11), data are not sufficient to provide the information about the trend.
If the term in parentheses follows a log-normal distribution, then the following relation stands: