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Preliminary assays indicate that Antonia ovata (Loganiaceae) and Derris amazonica (Papilionaceae), ichthyotoxic plants used for fishing in Roraima, Brazil, have an insecticide effect on Lutzomyia longipalpis (Diptera: Psychodidae: Phlebotominiae).
(Loganiaceae), numerous adult individuals were collected from the flowers of Lantana camara L.
Number: RV446 Loganiaceae Fagraea cuspidata Blume Name: kabang penah (or panaa) Life form/habitat: Treelet or tree in second growth forest.
Family Name (Latin and Common): Loganiaceae, the Logania family
The Old World tropical deserts are colonized by a Paleotropical flora, characterized by 1) certain families (Acanthaceae, Aizoaceae, Apocynaceae, Asclepi-adaceae, Bignoniaceae, Bombacaceae, Capparidaceae, Celastraceae, Leguminosae-Caesalpinoidae, Poaceae tribe Chlorideae, Combretaceae, Commelinaceae, Loganiaceae, Malpighiaceae, Moraceae, Moringaceae, Nyctaginaceae, Olacaceae, Oleaceae, Pedaliaceae, Rubiaceae, Salvadoraceae, Sapindaceae, Simaroubaceae, Sterculiaceae, Zygophyllaceae), 2) distinct subfamilies (for example, the grasses of the Andropogonoideae and Panicoideae subfamilies) of families with wider or even cosmopolitan distribution (in the cases cited, the Poaceae), and 3) genera and species more or less confined to the intertropical areas of the Old World.
Asterid 1: Acanthaceae, Apocynaceae, Asclepiadaceae, Bignoniaceae, Boraginaeae, Convolvulaceae, Cornaceae (Aucuba), Gentianaceae, Gesneriaceae, Hydrophyllaceae, Lamiaceae, Loganiaceae, Oleaceae, Plantaginaceae?, Rubiaceae, Scrophulariaceae, Solanaceae, Verbenaceae.
1990) reduced the total number of both hermaphroditic and dioecious taxa, but disproportionately affected dimorphic taxa, especially infraspecific taxa in Loganiaceae, Pittosporaceae, Rubiaceae, and Rutaceae.
It was also used for the house on the level of the clans as well as the one which was the common possession of two related clans (mbema = mbima, from mbi: large tree species, Fagraea ceilanica, Loganiaceae, which grows beside the house; ma: enclosed place, thus actually: 'enclosed place next to the mbi-tree').
Based on in situ observation, the common pioneer trees species found during site surveys were such genera as Aleurites (Euphorbiaceae), Amomum (Zingiberaceae), Cratoxylum (Clusiaceae), Dillenia (Dilleniaceae), Elaeocarpus (Elaeocarpaceae), Ficus (Moraceae), Hopea (Dipterocarpaceae), Ilex (Aquifoliaceae), Lithocarpus (Fagaceae), Norrisia (Loganiaceae), Pentace (Tiliaceae), Pentaspadon (Anacardiaceae), Sarcotheca (Oxalidaceae), and Vitex (Verbenaceae).
(nightshade family) Fruit Solarium incanum Solanaceae Whole plant (sodom apple) (nightshade family) Sorghum bicolor (L.) Poaceae (grass Whole plant Moench (sorghum) family) Aerial part Spigelia anthelmia Loganiaceae (Logania Fresh leaf L.