Logical Unit

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logical unit

[′läj·ə·kəl ′yü·nət]
(computer science)
An abstraction of an input/output device in the form of an additional name given to the device in a computer program.
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Logical Unit

(LU) A primary component of SNA, an LU is a type of NAU that enables end users to communicate with each other and gain access to SNA network resources.
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(Logical Unit) In IBM SNA networking, one end of a communications session. The complete LU to LU session is defined by session type. Following are the common types. See SNA.

     1  Host to 3770 RJE terminal
     2  Host to 3270 mainframe terminal
     3  Host to 3270 printer
   6.2  Program-to-program
     7  Host to 5250 midrange terminal

LU 6.2

An SNA protocol that establishes a session between two programs. It allows peer-to-peer communications as well as interaction between programs running in the host with PCs, Macs and midrange computers.

Before LU 6.2, processing was done only in the mainframe. LU 6.2 allows processing to take place at both ends of the communications, necessary for today's distributed computing and client/server environment. See APPC and CPI-C.
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Each SCSI target is mapped to LUNs (Logical Unit Numbers) and LUNs are mapped to physical disk drives.
As a configuration of up to four arithmetic logical units is possible, outstanding safety, operability and ease of maintenance are achieved.
VCA 2.0 creates a virtual pool of logical units (LUNs) along with offering TRIM command support, which works independently of controller firmware, handling the "garbage collection" overhead.
Time has to be divided into logical units that follow heavenly bodies' movements, and the calendar should align with the tropical year, which determines the seasons, without annual intervention from astronomers, he says.
In instances where a substantial amount of information is being presented (association bylaws, performance competition guidelines and so forth) break the text into logical units of information.
-- Task Based Team Coordination that enables webmasters and project managers to assign logical units of work, or tasks, to individual members of the extended web team and to coordinate large, diverse and distributed teams of contributors.