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any of various officers of the Byzantine state apparatus.

During the fifth and sixth centuries the logothete was a minor fiscal agent without special functions. In the late seventh century, the role of logothetes grew in significance. They became leaders of the most important departments. The logothete of the genikon managed the main treasury; the logothete of the stratiotikon was in charge of military expenditures; the logothete of the drome (beginning in the eighth century) headed the mail service, foreign relations, and domestic affairs; the logothete of the herds (from the ninth century) directed state pastures and herds; and the logothete of the secrets (from the 11th century) controlled the activities of a number of departments (essentially, all civil administration). The position of logothete of the secrets was done away with by 1204; its functions were transferred to the grand logothete (in the late 12th century, according to source materials).


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(24) Pachomius Logothetes or Pachomius the Serb, a fifteenth-century Serbian hagiographer.
(4.) In the sophisticated government structure of the Byzantines there were four Logothetes, or supra-ministers.