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an urban-type settlement, the administrative center of Brasovo Raion, Briansk Oblast, RSFSR, located 3 km from the Brasovo station on the Briansk-L’gov line. Population, 10,000 (1970). Lokot’ is the site of a machine-tool construction plant, a distillery, and a furniture factory. There is an agricultural technicum.



(literally “elbow”), in Russia, a unit of length first mentioned in literary monuments from the 11th century. It approximately corresponded to the length of the ulna, or 455–475 mm. In the 16th century, the lokot’ was gradually replaced by the arshin.

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Other scholars study so-called robot journalism, or the use of news bots in the various phases of content creation: identifying newsworthy events, curating, analyzing data, and even writing (Lokot & Diakopoulos, 2015; Steiner, 2014).
He was sent to the Lokot area near Bryansk, where he offered his services to the Germans in November 1941; they allowed him to organize a militia to fight the partisans.
There are also two similar stations: Station Ilek that is located in western Kazakhstan and the station Lokot close to the Altai in Russia and is under the control of Kazakh Railways," said
Ivanin, Sevskii uezd vo vtoroi polovine XVIII veka: Poseleniia, zemlevladenie, krest 'iane i zemlevladel 'tsy (Lokot': n.p., 1994); Neizvestnye pis "ma russkikh pisatelei kniaziu A.
The tourism ministry's director of destination planning and tourism investment, Lokot Ahmad Enda, said, 'Despite possessing huge potential, some of these destinations have weak planning, infrastructure, facilities and promotional packaging.
Lokot (1869-?) who had several volumes of several hundred pages published and S.I.
(29) Lokot describes this as the "two sides of Russia," Pervaia duma, p.
Anatoli Lokot, member of the Novosibirsk Communist Party, said that the defence ministry should review its current purchases.
The Internet memes chosen for this study are taken from the Twitter account @RuNetMemes managed by Kevin Rothrock and Tatyana Lokot. According to Rothrock, the memes tweeted from their account are primarily in Russian and accompanied by an English translation and are the creations of those individuals who comprise the "Russian Internet," a term defined as the part of the Internet that is related to or discusses Russia and Russian interests (personal communication, May 14, 2014).